We are Efcharis and Nikos, the creators behind  Homatino  Ceramics Workshop.

A workshop that got its name from the etymology of the word ‘homatino’ which means made of fine-grained earth (soil) or clay.

We chose this name bearing in mind who we really are. A local workshop which chooses to remain true to tradition, crafting ceramic objects, modernizing, protecting and promoting the work of the family business, with respect.

Inspired by clay, a simple raw material, using traditional techniques of the past, however, influenced by the contemporary way of life, we mould by hand, ceramic moulds and shapes which aim to be apart of our lives for the following years.

''When making something with our hands, we connect to others.''

Μιχάλης Παλτόγλου

Μichael Paltoglou

Born in Kavala, Greece, in 1950 and then moving to Athens in 1967 to study in the Pottery Department of the School of OAED, Amarousiou, Michael Paltoglou was taught the pottery wheel by Mr. Delavinias, Mr. Goumas and Mr. Livanios, drawing by Mr. Stasinos and gypsotechnia (carving) by Ms.Fika.

Having admirable reviews from his school, Michael Paltoglou started working in various workshops in Athens. In 1970 he worked in the modern, at the time, industry EMEKO as a potter for five years. Having acquired experience in ceramics he decides to open his own ceramics workshop in 1976 in the suburb of Kalogreza. Michael Paltoglou manages from the start to create a wide and respectable clientele due to both his mastery in the creation of his ceramics and his professional diligence.

From 1977 until 1985 he exhibits his creations in the Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition in Marousi.In 1986 he participates in a group exhibition in ceramics at Mrs. Antonopoulou’s gallery in Nea Smirni. For over 30 years he partakes in various commercial exhibitions, including continuous participation for many years in the commercial exhibition TECHNIMA. He has cooperated with interior decorators, painters, visual artists, architects and sculptors, producing ceramics of high expectations.

From 2006 until today Michael Paltoglou has been working closely with the sculptor-painter Mark Hatzipatera adding the skill of the wheel to his technique as well as other visuals.

Michael Paltoglou’s children, Efcharis and Nikos Paltoglou, follow in his tracks, giving the workshop a new, more contemporary breath, naming it homatino from the word soil (homa) which includes the raw material of clay.

Efcharis Paltoglou

My interaction with clay began at an early age as my father Michael has had a ceramics workshop in Kalogreza since 1976.

As a child I felt the need to create things with my hands. I expressed this need through clay and from the first moment I felt an overwhelming attraction to this simple material, without knowing of course that it would eventually become my profession.

With my studies in Graphic Design and later on in Ceramics, having matured, I found a balance within myself, discovering that this magical substance of soil and water brings you closer to the past and present of humanity in its entirety. A cultural fossil with amazing resilience to the decomposition of time, carrying the fingerprints of its creators from one era to the next.

Εύχαρις Παλτόγλου
Νίκος Παλτόγλου

Nikos Paltoglou

Born in 1980 in Athens, Greece, where I grew up and studied Computer Programming– multimedia. Since my childhood I have been fortunate to have a direct relationship and connection to clay as it was a part of my daily life due to my family’s ceramics workshop. At first it seemed amusing, like a child’s game. Later on, growing up with the knowledge and equipment which the environment in a creative workplace offers, it became a part of me. My restless nature in combination with my heightened sense for creativity changed pottery and ceramics into one of my most enjoyable interests. After travelling through various parts of Greece and on a search, professionally, in various occupations, ceramics and pottery is what eventually won me over.

Therefore I managed to convert a favourite pastime, a favourite habit, into a personal and professional choice. A daily challenge, a personal wager for new creations with  free thought and the beauty of fantasy as my tools.


  • 1976
  • 1995 – 2013
  • 2006 – 2018
  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021-2022
  • 1976 till today

    Art Shops – Galleries

    In collaboration with a number of chosen stores and galleries throughout Greece.

  • 1995 – 2013

    Art Shops –Galleries

    Creation of humanlike sculptures under the diligence of the folklorist Erotokritou Tzitzifa.

  • 2006 – 2018

    Art Shops – Galleries

    In collaboration with painter-sculptor and visual artist Mark Hatzipatera for the production of 3D sculptures.

    Restaurants – Hotels

    2006 In collaboration with Hotel Aldemar for the making of objects used for their interior decoration.

  • 2007

    Art Shops – Galleries

    Creation of ceramics free of shape which made up the canvas for painter Alexander Verouka.

  • 2008

    Art Shops – Galleries

    In collaboration with Pammakaristos Institute in Nea Makri

  • 2014

    Art Shops – Galleries

    In collaboration with the art shop at the hotel complex Costa Navarino in Messinia

  • 2015

    Art Shops – Galleries

    – 2015 -2019 In collaboration with the art shop Naiades at Katakolo, Ilias.
    – 2015 -2018 Exclusive collaboration with the brand Spitiko, D.S.A.M. A.E.Group in Glyfada, creating ideas for daily use for Duty Free shops at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, Spata.
    – 2015 – 2018 In collaboration with the boutique The Closet in Spetses.
    – 2015 to today In collaboration with the art shop Elephant Store in St. Marina, Crete.
    – 2015 – 2017 Hand-made objects for Cosset Interior in Mykonos.

    Restaurants – Hotels

    – 2015 In collaboration with the restaurant of modern cuisine, Abovo at Kefalari for the creation of unique handmade dishes under the creative eye of chef Michael Nourloglou.
    – 2015 – 2018 The creation of a custom made range of ceramic glasses for eco & design hotel Aroma Dryos at Metsovo.

  • 2016

    Art Shops – Galleries

    – 2016 A creation of a humanlike sculpture with visual artist Polidoro Kariofilli (Poka Yio).

    Restaurants – Hotels

    – 2016 – 2018 A joint effort with chef Michael Nourloglou for the creation of an exclusive series of ceramic goods for the Premiere of the Athenaeum Intercontinental Restaurant

  • 2017

    Art Shops – Galleries

    – 2017 The creation of a handmade cup custom designed for a music event at Nammos Beach Bar in Mykonos.
    – 2017 – 2019 In collaboration with the art shop Nectar & Ambrosia, Agios Nicholaos, Crete.
    – 2017- today Exclusive collaboration with Askott Pottery Workshop, Protara, Cyprus.
    – 2017 – today Exclusive collaboration with Speira Concept Store, Oia,Santorini, for the production of a unique range of Greek handmade objects.
    – 2017 – 2019 In cooperation with the art shop Creta Earth in Plakia, Rethymnos, Crete.

    Restaurants – Hotels

    – 2017 A joint effort with chef Gika Xenaki for the creation of dishes as ordered for the restaurant Aleria at Metaxourgio, Athens.
    – 2017- 2018 The creation of a unique range of ceramics for the restaurant Ammos at Sani Club, Sani Beach, Kassandra, Chalkidikis.
    – 2017 Design and craft of highly aesthetic dishes for the restaurant Bill and Coo Suites and Lounge in Mykonos in association with chef Michael Kiki.
    – 2017 A range of dishes for Borsalino Bar, Athens.
    – 2017 – 2019 Ceramic dishes as ordered for Brunello Wine Bistro, Kolonaki, Athens.
    – 2017 – A unique range of restaurant crockery for Artisinal Lounge and Gaudens Restaurant in Kifisia, Athens, under the supervision of chef Dimitris Dimitriadis.
    – 2017 – -2019 A range of dishes for Salt Restaurant Bar at Milopota, Ios.

  • 2018

    Art Shops – Galleries

    2018 – 2019 In collaboration with A Hue of Duck Egg Blue in Kavala.

    Restaurants – Hotels

    – 2018 Creative collaboration for the production of highly aesthetic dishes with chef Alex Tsiotini for the restaurant CTC, Athens.
    – 2018 – 2019 A creation of a series of dishes for Zillers Boutique Hotel roof garden in Athens under the creative eye of chef Konstantinas Faklari.
    – 2018 In collaboration with chef Adam Kontova for the creation of unique ceramic dishes for the restaurant Milos, Firostefani, Santorini.
    – 2018 A collaboration for a unique range of ceramics for the restaurant Fresco of the Ikos Resorts Group in Dasia, (Kerkira) Corfu.
    – 2018 Creation and production of shot glasses for the company 3 Cents, for the premium range of Greek beverages.
    – 2018 A creative joint effort with chef Christos Foto for the crafting of ceramic goods for Fino Restaurant and Cocktail Bar in, Oia and the beach bar Wet Stories, Perivolo, Santorini.
    – 2018 Design and crafted dishes for Cocoon Luxury Suites in Santorini.
    – 2018 Design and crafting of special serving platters/dishes etc. for George Melissaris’ PatpongThai Restaurant in Kolonaki.
    – 2018 a creation of a new range of dishes, serving platters etc. for Micra Asia Restaurant in Santorini and Katikies Resort & Club in Mykonos in cooperation with chefs Giannis Stratigos and Angelos Mpakopoulos. Design and crafting of Japanese Design ceramic dishes for Seltz Bar of the Katikies Resort and Spa Group in Mykonos.
    – 2018 – 2019 Creation of unique dishes for Hellas Restaurant in Rhodes in cooperation with chef Kyriakos Iakovidis.
    – 2018 – 2019 Creation of ceramic dishes for Pyrgos Mavromichali Hotel in Limeni, Lakonias under the creative eye of chef Dimitris Dimitriadis.
    – 2018 – 2019 Design and crafting of ceramic dishes as ordered in collaboration with chef Christou Fotou for Juls Restaurant in Santa Eulalia in Ibiza, Spain.
    – 2018 -2019 Design and handcrafted dishes produced for Meraki Restaurant in Fitzrovia , England under the creative guidance of chef Athinagora Kostakou.
    – 2018 – 2019 Handcrafted dishes free of shape for Reeza Restaurant, Rocabella Mykonos Hotel in close cooperation with chef Michali Kiki.
    – 2018 – 2019 Handcrafted dishes of unique design for chef Nikos Thomas and Simul Gastronomic Situ in Kolonaki.
    – 2018 – 2019 Design and handcrafted for Scorpios Mykonos in cooperation with chefs Athinagora Kostako and Alex Zop
    – 2018 – 2019 Collaboration with Eleni Vonisakou’s food blog Foudie Corner.

  • 2019

    Art Shops – Galleries

    – Collaboration with the sales area at Keramio Shop in Serifos.
    – Collaboration with the art shop Greek Aether in Nafplio.
    – Collaboration with the art shop Nord in Spetses.
    – Collaboration with the company Horizon Travel in Athens, for the creation of a unique idea as a souvenir for their business clients.

    Hotels – Restaurants

    – Collaboration with Kouros Exclusive Hotel in Rhodes for the handcrafted creation of serving platters etc.
    – Crafted dishes of unique design for Lefkes Restaurant in Galatsi, Athens in cooperation with the chef and owner Tasos Doumas.
    – Collaboration with Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel in Vouliagmeni and George Kamara for the design and crafting of special containers for storage at a buffet.
    – Collaboration with chef Anniva Pitilakifor the creation of dishes in a distinctive style for the Enthimion Restaurant in Athens.
    – Collaboration with the chef George Papacosta for the creation of dishes relaxed yet elegant in style for the Vittoria Gati Restaurant in Glyfada.
    – Creation of serving platters etc. tailor-made for Andronis Luxury Suites and Lycabettus Restaurant.
    – Collaboration with Chef Michael Douneta for the crafting of dishes handcrafted for Wood Restaurant in Kifisia.

  • 2020

    Art shops – Galleries

    -2019-2020 Collaboration with the shop of the Museum of Modern Ceramics (K.M.N.K.) in Kerameikos.
    -2020 Collaboration with the shop of the Herakleides Museum in Thiseio.
    -2020 Collaboration with the art shops Efimeris / Lalaro in Skiathos.
    -2020 Collaboration with the gift shop ANAPOLO in Mykonos.
    -2019-2020 Collaboration with Argothassos in the Ports of Thassos.
    -2020 Collaboration with the Sea you Aegina concept store.
    -2019-2020 Collaboration with the gift shop Kaniski with Greek handmade souvenirs in Kissamos, Crete.
    -2020 Tailor made creations for the design store “Swan” in Poros.
    -2020 Manufacture of handmade mug for the traditional organic olive mill Biolea in Crete.

    Restaurants – Hotels

    -2019 Creating dishes for Enterprise Greece for participating in the international food and beverage exhibition Anuga 05 / 10-09 / 10 in Cologne, Germany.
    -2019-2020 Collaboration with Victoria Giannara’s food blog, Pasta alla Victoria.
    -2019-2020 Creation of tailor-made serving utensils for the Rous restaurant in Nicosia, Cyprus with the signature of Spyridoula Karaboutaki and Panos Togias.
    -2020 Ecological design and manufacture of unique dishes by hand, for Scorpios Mykonos in collaboration with chefs Athenagoras Kostakos and Alexis Zopas.
    -2020 Design and creation of serving items for the Krasiboston Meze & Wine Bar in Boston, USA.
    -2020 Collaboration with the French Institute of Athens to meet the needs of the buffet, for the event “Live – live” Idea Night: Athens held at the Institute.
    -2020 Tailor made serving plates for Branco Mykonos’ Zingara restaurant with the creative look of chef Christos Tzieras.
    -2020 Collaboration with the company Ikos Resorts in Andalusia for the manufacture of table-kitchen utensils.
    -2020 Construction of asymmetrical plates for Meraki by Athenagoras Kostakos in Riyadh, which are a continuation of the dishes created for Meraki in London.
    2020 Design and creation of unique dishes with organic design for the Noema restaurant in Mykonos, in collaboration with the design studio “Lambs and Lions” in Berlin.
    -2020 Creation of unique dishes designed exclusively by hand, ecological design, for the restaurant of Soho Roc House Mykonos in collaboration with chef Athenagoras Kostakos.

  • 2021 – 2022

    Art shops-Galleries

    -2022 Exclusive design of daily objects for the design store “Swan” in Poros.
    -2022 Design of handmade objects for the concept store “Speira” in Oia, Santorini.
    -2022 Design of a collection of decorative and useful objects for the “Dia Tauta Gift Shop” in Plaka.
    -2022 Design of a special collection of ceramic urns for the brand “M AAH” in Belgium.
    -2022 Design of modern objects for the concept store “Alenia” in Naoussa, Paros.
    -2022 Collaboration with art studio “Skoubri” in Athens
    -2022 Creating a take away mug of ecological design for the brand “Lamda 3”.
    -2021-2022 Collaboration with the shop of the Museum of Modern Ceramics (K.M.N.K.) in Kerameikos.
    -2021-2022 Design of modern useful objects for daily use for the “Mon Coin Studio” in Koukaki.
    -2021-2022 Special design and construction of handmade objects for the boutique studio “Lunaria” in Maroussi.
    -2021-2022 Design of handmade ceramics for the “Kallisti Boutique” in Alonissos.
    -2021-2022 Design modern mugs in collaboration with the store “Rock in Wood” in Thessaloniki
    -2021-2022 Design of useful objects for the owners of the “Contrust Collective Team” in the center of Athens.
    -2021 exclusively design of a collection of ceramic bowls for the brand By Meliana on the island of L’lle-d’Yeu in France.
    -2021 Design of a decorative dishes and bowls for the “Studio Lykos Interior Design” in Dubai.
    -2021 Cooperation with the company “Smyrliadis SA” in Switzerland for the production of handmade dishes.


    -2022 Ecological design of handmade dish for the restaurant Scorpios Mykonos.
    -2022 Modern design of a range of dishes, bowls & trays with an earthy approach to the Pere Ubu restaurant at the Kalesma Mykonos Hotel.
    -2022 Design of serving objects with raw textures in collaboration with the design studio “Lambs and Lions” in Berlin for the restaurant Noema in Mykonos.
    -2022 Special design of a collection of utensils with clear references to nature and raw materials for the Ellinikon and Fresco restaurant at the Sani Resort Hotel in Sani, Halkidiki.
    -2022 Design of serving objects with emphasis on organic overalls for the Selene restaurant in Santorini.
    -2022 Design of a rustic simplicity serving dish for Neni Copenhagen & Vienna restaurants in Denmark and Austria.
    -2022 Creating functional, daily serving dishes for the Krasiboston Meze & Wine Bar in Boston, USA.
    -2022 Ecological design of a authentic beauty crockery, for the restaurant Elaia in Kapsaliana, Crete.
    -2022 Design of dishes with tactile handmade aesthetics for the Simul restaurant in Athens.
    -2021 Manufacture of natural, raw aesthetic utensils for Samano restaurants in Athens and Antiparos
    -2021 Construction of asymmetric modern design bowls for the wine bar Oinoscent in the center of Athens.
    -2021 Design of authentic raw beauty serving objects for the Italian restaurant Prego in Kalymnos.
    -2021 Design and construction of a collection of natural, raw textures dishes for the Omnivore restaurant of the Kastellorizo ​​group in Athens.
    -2021 Manufacture of ecologically designed bowls and plates for the Plant Objects | Cafe Minu in Athens.
    -2021 Design and manufacture of dishes with elegant and minimal aesthetics for the Bubo restaurant of Ekies All Senses Resort in Vourvourou, Halkidiki.


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