How to order

In the field Log In/Sign In you can choose to sign up as a new user filling in the required form as a business. After signing up you will receive an email with a password within two work days. As soon as you log in all the necessary information on our products, (price, delivery time etc.) will be available so as to place your orders.

If you are already a customer and have forgotten your password, in the field Log in/Sign in you can follow the steps ‘Forgotten your Password’ completing the customer code you will receive an email with instructions to reinstate your password.

Homatino Ceramics guarantees accuracy in quality, time, processing/execution and sending of the products to their destination. We acknowledge the importance of receiving perfect quality goods in the time limits requested by the customers. However, due to the handmade nature of the products, the time of delivery is always approximately estimated and depends on the workload at the certain point in time (6 to 8 weeks).


Minimum order: 250.00€ (without VAT tax) / 500,00€ (for abroad)


Forms of Payment

The ability for a deposit in one of the following banks:


NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE IBAN: GR 93 0110 1540 0000 1540   0724 868   EFCHARIS  NIKOS PALTOGLOU & CO G.P.

PIRAEUS BANK  GREECE IBAN: GR 33 0171 0420 00 60 4216 3631 888   EFCHARIS  NIKOS PALTOGLOU & CO G.P.



* Do not forget to add the company name and order number (id) as the purpose of your deposit.

After the deposit is paid the customer will need to send the bank receipt to our email

With the payment of invoice you confirm and accept the terms of the order.

The processing and verification of the order and relevant email will follow.

Once the order is finalized, the customer will receive an email with details of its dispatch (day dispatched, number of boxes etc.)


Cancellation of Orders

In the case of the user/customer wanting to cancel an order, they can contact us by phone on 210 2775 128 or by email on . Depending on the stage the order is in, we will inform the customer of their choices.


Exclusive Use

  • There is a possibility of exclusivity of Homatino Ceramics with specific terms of sale concerning the area, the total amount of the order, the pieces, etc. In this case you should contact us at the workshop email or by phone on weekdays and hours.
  • Homatino Ceramics designs special series or individual items that are available exclusively for art shops, galleries, tourist businesses, retail stores as well as visual artists, architects and designers.

It is possible to use your logo with the homatino logo with a further charge of 10%.


Forms of Dispatch

The order is sent via a transport / courier service of the customers’ choice. The courier fees are the responsibility of the customer (for shipments abroad the consignee is also charged with the costs of customs clearance, duties, certificates, etc.). Delivery is conducted from Monday to Friday.


Return of Goods

Due to the nature of ceramic objects it is not possible to accept returns.

  • In the case of faulty goods there can only be an exchange with the same product code. Cost of return will be of NO charge to the customer.
  • In the case of the products damaged upon delivery, we request you contact us within 24 hours, with a photo of the damaged goods as evidence.

To make the replacement there will be a charge of 50% of the price of the item and the delivery time will vary depending on the conditions. Shipping costs are borne by the recipient.

  • A change of goods can be made within 8 days from the issue date of the particular purchase receipt.
  • A change of goods will only be accepted with the display of the relevant delivery notice/invoice bill.

All items are shipped at the buyer’s expense and risk.

  • There will be no refund of money.


Use of Logo (Χρήση λογότυπου)

The workshop maintains the exclusive production of all products as well as the right to present them as part of its work. In case of cooperation, we inform you that homatino ceramics may include the logo of each partner on social media as well as on the website of the workshop.