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Sponge Plate


Hand formed plate with asymmetrical shape.

Product Code: 85538
Dimensions Approx.: D 23 H 4-4,5

Cake Plate


A straight walled rims plate.

Code: 85586
Dimensions Approx.: D 17 H 3
Color: Matte Black

Trunk Plate


A beautiful trunk-like textured plate.

Code: 85603
Dimensions: D 22   H 6
Color: Chalk White

Conical Plate


A conical plate crafted on the potter’s wheel.

Code: 85626-A
Dimensions Approx.: D 24   H 4,5
Color: Metallic Anthracite

Village Plate


A rustic style plate.

Code: 86400-A
Dimensions: D 20   H 4,5
Color: Off White

Code: 86400-B
Dimensions: D 20   H 4,5
Color: Charcoal Green

Black Organic Plate


Pebble-shaped plate.

Code: 86430-A
Dimensions: D 24   H 4,5
Color: Glossy White

Code: 86430-B
Dimensions: D 24   H 4,5
Color: Matte Black