Magnet with a Label

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Dimensions: W 10

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All this range of successful objects is created and painted by hand. They are part of the souvenirs which will impress and stand out for their playful aesthetic.

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Fish with a label, Boat Red-Turquoise Blue with a Label, Boat Red-Orange with a Label, Shallop with a Label, House with a Label, Heart with a Label, Cat with a Label, Sitting Cat with a Label, Red Starfish with a Label, Turquoise Blue Starfish with a Label, Butterfly with a Label, Owl with a Label, Anchor with a Label, White-Red Turtle with a Label, White-Blue Turtle with a Label, Red Mermaid with a Label, Turquoise Blue Mermaid with a Label, Hippocampus with a Label, Red Jellyfish with a Label, Turquoise Blue Jellyfish with a Label, Red Octopus with a Label, Turquoise Blue Octopus with a Label

Additional Information

•  Due to the nature of handmade objects there are likely to be slight differences in colour, shape and dimensions.
• All our products are made by hand in Athens, Greece

Product Codes

20960-01 Fish
20960-02Α Boat Red-Turquoise Blue
20960-02Β Boat Red-Orange
20960-03 Shallop
20960-04 House
20960-05 Heart
20960-06 Cat
20960-07 Sitting Cat
20960-08Α Red Starfish
20960-08Β Turquoise Blue Starfish
20960-09 Butterfly
20960-11 Anchor
20960-12Α White-Blue Turtle
20960-12Β White-Red Turtle
20960-15Α Red Mermaid
20960-15Β Turquoise Blue Mermaid
20960-16 Hippocampus
20960-18Α Red Jellyfish
20960-18Β Turquoise Blue Jellyfish
20960-19Α Red Octopus
20960-19Β Turquoise Blue Octopus