Boulder Mug Light Blue ceramicBoulder Mug Pistachio Green ceramicBoulder Mug Lavender ceramicBoulder Mug Blue ceramicBoulder Mug Turquoise Blue ceramicBoulder Mug Red ceramicBoulder Mug Blue Lavender, Turquoise Blue & Red ceramic
Boulder Mug ceramic
Boulder Mug Light Blue ceramic
Boulder Mug Pistachio Green ceramic
Boulder Mug Lavender ceramic
Boulder Mug Blue ceramic
Boulder Mug Turquoise Blue ceramic
Boulder Mug Red ceramic
Boulder Mug Blue Lavender, Turquoise Blue & Red ceramic

Boulder Mug

Product Code: 50110
Dimensions: W 9 cm x H 9 cm

Category: SKU: 50110


The hand shaping of this mug gives it the sensation of a boulder which is hit by waves. In intense bright shades, it stands out for its elegant and organic design.

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Red, Turquoise Blue, Blue, Lavender, Pistachio Green, Light Blue

Additional Information

  • Glazed parts are without heavy metals therefore appropriate for food usage.
  • Safe for use in dishwasher with eco-friendly detergents, however, we do advise on hand washing for a longer life span.
  • Sudden changes in temperature (cold to hot) are likely to cause damage to ceramic objects.
  • Due to the nature of handmade objects there are likely to be slight differences in color, shape and dimensions.
  • All our products are produced in Athens, Greece.