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Organic Shallow Plate


Pebble-shaped plate.

Code: 85624-AA
Dimensions: D 25   H 3
Color: Ice

Code: 85624-AB
Dimensions: D 25   H 3
Color: Cream

Code: 85624-AC
Dimensions: D 25   H 3
Color: Brown

Code: 85624-AD
Dimensions: D 25   H 3
Color: Black

Black Pepper Stigmas Plate


A wheel thrown plates in two dimensions.

Product Code Plate/D27: 85590-A
Dimensions Approx.: D 27    H 1,5

Product Code Plate/D23: 85590-B
Dimensions Approx.: D 23    H 1,5

Blue Stripes Plate


Hand painted plates with a pattern of blue stripes.

Code: 85560
Dimensions: D 28   H 1,5
Color: Blue

Code: 85560-A
Dimensions: D 22   H 1,5
Color: Blue

Lace Plate


Product Code: 85562
Dimensions Approx.: Diam. 21,5 cm x H 2-3 cm
Color: Bronze Black